Oval Face Shape

oval face long  oval face short  oval face man


Many people would like to have an oval shape face as this is like the ‘perfect’ shape that can brings out your good looking features. Be it long or short hair, one who has an oval shape face suits almost all the hairstyles. 


When you are choosing a hairstyle for yourself, first you have to know that your features are the nicest and do not think of covering them, instead decide on one of the features you wish to show.  


Be flexible in choosing your hairstyle and it is best to avoid hairstyles that cover your face, which takes away the natural beauty. 



Round Face Shape

round face long    round face short round men


People who have round face are one who has a wide face but that does not mean the person is fat. The hairstyle for this person should create a visual effect that the width is shorter and the length is longer thus complementing the appearance of the person. 


If you think that you have a round face and bangs is nice and suit you, then you are wrong. One who has a round face should add height to the style as it will ‘pull’ your face longer and avoid hairstyle that is relatively short. Also remember that the sides of the hair must be kept as close to inner part of the face to maximize the appearance of having a narrower face.