Diamond Face Shape

diamond face long hair  diamond face short hair  diamond face men


People who have diamond shape face have wide measurement of the cheekbones are and forehead narrows up towards the top by the hairline. 

One who has this face shape need to create a hairstyle that will balance the features that are experienced that means reduce the large exposure of cheek area and focus on shortening the length of the face. 


Avoid cutting hair that is too close to the head, as it will make your face more stand out. The classic bob is suitable to draw attention away from the face.  By styling the sides of your hair to the outward direction can also make you look good and all you need is a layered cut and curling iron. Don’t worry, all kind of length suits the hairstyle and it will become a plus point if bangs are also cut. 

Triangle Face Shape

triangle face long hair  triangle face short hair  triangle face men


Triangle face is very alike to heart shape face with a wide forehead and narrow area of the chin and lower jaw line. People often wish to reduce the exposure to the this area of face. Researchers have discovered that hairstyles that widen the area of forehead are more productive. The goal is to distract the chin area by opening up the forehead rather that bangs covering the forehead.   


Hair is cut and layered around the face area and kept open at the top, it helps to bring out the upper area and reduce the visibility of strong jaw line. If you prefer long hair more, large natural waves are beautiful and part your hair in the center to allow the rest of your hair to fall getly over you. This will brings out the natural beauty within you.