Hair and Care

 Picture a scene of you walking down the street and thinking that people have been smiling at you because you are good looking but actually they are laughing at your hair. If the thought it is making you freak out, then now it’s the time to know more about your hair and the ways to take care of it.

Hair can be categorized into different types that include oily hair or dry hair or a combination of both types, thick or fine and also the length whether is it short or long, the texture of the hair can vary too, from straight to wavy to curly. The different kind of hair also has different things that you should or should do to care or damage it. The following are the types of hair:

  1. Types Of Hair, Oily Or Dry Or Combination 
  2. Length Of Hair, Long Or Short 
  3. Hair Thickness, Thick Or Fine  
  4. Hairstyle, Straight Or Wavy Or Curly