Oblong Face Shape

oblong face long  oblong face short hair  oblong face man


People who are under this category of having an oblong face always have a problem of the face appearing narrow and short too. So when choosing a hair style suitable for you, concentrate on increasing the length and making the width wider to ensure the face to seem balance. 


The common mindsets of people who have oblong face do not want to increase the width of their face, they are wrong. By doing so, increasing the width is to balance the appearance bring out the best features. Having bangs is encouraged instead of reducing the appearance of it and add the length by increasing the height of the top part of the hair. Layered cuts are also strongly recommended. 


Square Face Shape

square face long  square face short  sqaure face man


People who have square face shapes also have very define jaw line, as such they should avoid hairstyles that are one length and short. The most common example will be one length bob, as the length is so short until the chin area or even shorter. 


One who has square should avoid blunt shaped bangs because it is consider being an inappropriate hairstyle. Research has found out that individual who have hairstyles that have a lot of texture, have also square faces. The curls or ends that are choppy help to draw attention away from face and the face area also appear to be smoother.