Hair Care For Oily Hair

It can be very scary and at the same time irritating when you wash your hair in the morning and by evening, it became oily and hair started to cling onto each other giving you a headache everyday on how to keep it clean and care 7

Oily hair is caused by the excessive sebum produced by the scalp making the hair look greasy and disgusting. The hair simply absorb the oil away from the scalp which is why it may seems like you have oily hair when actually you have an oily scalp. People with straight hair must be careful as straight hair moves the oil away more quickly from the scalp compared to people with kinky curly hair. 

The main factor to control oily hair is to remove the right amount of sebum from the scalp. Many people think that shampoo is for their hair but instead shampoo is for your scalp to remove dirt and clean it. People who possess oily hair should use shampoo that suit their hair type as shampoo for oily hair have stronger detergents and lesser conditioner. Conditioning your hair is discouraged, as it will increase the speed of hair appearing oily. Ladies with long hair should remember that they should not pile their hair on top while washing; they should on the other hand use their fingers to massage their scalp vigorously. The amount of foam will tell you whether the oil has been removed, when little foam is form, large amount of sebum is removed and vice versa.