3. Hair Type

There are 2 ways to find out whether your hair is thick or thin/fine. 

The First Way: The first way is to measure the time taken for your hair to dry, if it is less than one hour, it means your hair is thin/fine. If your hair takes one hour or more to dry means your hair is thick.

The Second Way: Make a pony tail using your thumb and forefinger to make a circle around it. Your hair is thin/fine if the circle of the size is dime-sized or less (show picture), whereas thick hair will have a size that is about quarter-sized or more (show picture). Anything size that falls in between this two is medium thickness.

Hair Care For Thick Hair

The volume of think hair is always very strong and you may have some difficulties in thick hairtaking care of it. A person who has a small frame or slim face may not suit thick long hair, as such reduce the volume of the hair should be the first step to right hair cut. 

Whenever people who possess thick hair went to a salon, request your hair dresser to layered your hair to enhance the shape and direction or even try something new by cutting a short hair or medium length hair that are great for thick hair.

Hair care products like pomades, surfacers and strong hair gels can help to control and manage thick hair. Highlighting of hair with contrast colours also help to break up the appearance making it less dense that it is seen.

Hair Care For Thin Hair

Thin hair has very small diameter that is around 50 microns/strand of hair.thin hair They tend to look lifeless although they reflect light very well making it shine. Thin/Fine hair is much easier to damage and won’t hold curl easily.

The volume can be maximized with blunt haircuts, other products like styling gels or mousses can also add volume to your hair. It is important to use lightweight conditioner. The shorter the cut, the better as thin/fine hair cannot take the weight of a loner hairstyle.