Oily Scalp


Other than the above mentioned scalp problems, oily scalp is also one of the common problem faced by many ladies and gentlemen. It is an annoying problem as it is very difficult to handle and you might meet with difficulties like clumping of hair and attract dirt easily.   


Oily scalp is the result of over production of sebum as the hair cannot completely absorb by the hair and hence forming oily scalp. The main cause of oily scalp is hormones imbalance that is caused by stress as well as allergy to a certain type of food can be a cause too. The oil can cause acne to be grown on the scalp like the previous problem. Some people are either lazy to take proper hair care or it is simply because of their hormones that cause them to have oily scalp. As such, anything that changes the hormone level can result in oily scalp. 


shampoo bottlesOne of the treatments to oily scalp is to shampoo frequently using a shampoo that is specifically recommended for oily scalp. The shampoos are most of the time transparent and contain less chemicals compared to other shampoos which have heavy detergents in it. When you are shampooing, you can also massage your scalp to increase secretion of oil causing extreme oily scalp to improve blood circulation thus aid the absorption of excessive oil.