Hair Care For Dry Hair

hair treatements for dry hairWeekly visit to the swimming pool for a swim? Daily using of hair dryer to dry your hair every day? Overusing of straightener or curling wands? Constantly active in outdoor activities? Frequently brushing of hair? If you are actively involved in these activities, there might be a chance that your type of hair is dry hair. One can also have dry hair if they have ill health. 

Dry, brittle and frizzy hair is a result of hair that lacks moisture, or water. This hair condition is most common among chemically treated hair, as the chemicals often strip your hair of its natural moisture.

Swimming may be your favourite sport but do you know that the chlorine in the water can damage your hair and the situation will worsen if you do not wash your hair after engaging in the activity. Wear a swimming cap when swimming and use the suitable shampoo to wash your hair after that. The daily use of hair dryer as well as overusing of straightener or curler will also cause your hair to be dry because of the heat applied onto your hair. Try to reduce the use of such equipment and air-dry your hair if possible. Spending too much time under the sun is also another factor that will cause dry hair too. Wear a hat out in the sun.