Dry Scalp


drying hairWhat is dry scalp? Many who have scalp that is dry may ask this question. The common behavior that one would do is to keep washing their hair to “wet” their scalp to prevent the scalp from getting dry. This is a wrong approach as regularly shampooing your hair will make your scalp even drier and pulls the moisture away. Dry scalp is identified when hair is growing not being lubricated by the oil gland which makes the hair shinier, but when the oil gland fails to do the job dry scalp will be resulted.   


Dry scalp can be caused by using hair dryer daily, the air conditioner can also causes dry scalp as air in the room can be very dry or using gels or spray that contain alcohol also can use be a cause of dry scalp. As mentioned above, excessive use of shampoo can also cause dry scalp. Dehydration can also be a cause of dry hair especially taking in a lot of caffeine. 


The treatment of dry scalp by using avocado as a topical agent on the hair and also by applying a few drop of jojoba oil to the scalp, it is actually not an oil but wax that is very alike to human natural sebum.