Hair Care For Long Hair

long hair haircutsThe common perception of people is that ladies with long hair are always prettier than ladies with short hair, but so what if you have a head of waist-long long hair that looks unhealthy and damaged. You will always appear unattractive standing next to someone who has healthy and shiny short hair.

The key factor to have long and healthy shiny hair is to be patient and gentle to your hair. First let start off from shampooing your hair, it is important for everyone to clean your scalp and hair every day by using the right shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. Pour about dollop of shampoo on your hand and rub to create lather and apply it to your scalp and closest to head, massaging in a circular motion gently. The big ‘no-no’ for long hair is to pile your hair on top of your head and clean it; it will result tangling of hair, giving you difficulties to untangle and damage it. Rinse your hair thoroughly to wash off the shampoo and using your fingers to untangle at the same time it is clean if the strands squeak between your fingers.

Conditioner is necessary for everyone, even for people who have oily hair. Apply a generous amount of suitable conditioner to your hair and for people who have oily hair, apply it from the middle of your hair then to the ends. Let it stay there for a few minutes then rinse it off, but unlike shampoo, it will be clean if the hair feels slightly slippery between your fingers. One who has long hair is also encourage to deep condition your hair once or twice a month for 30 minutes each time, these help to strengthen the hair strands.

Wet hair is always very vulnerable especially when you use a brush to brush it after wash, use a wide-toothed comb instead. By combing your wet hair will help to prevent breakage, the effect can be seen if you comb your wet hair after the next trim, the result will be surprising. Brushes on the other hand are suitable for people with long dry hair. The best hairbrush will be made of natural bristles to prevent breakage and fraying of hair strands. Begin brushing your head from the nape and work around your head and lastly stand straight to brush underside and top layers to smooth the visible layers.

It is the best way to air-dry your hair to prevent damage and splitting. If you really do not have a choice and have to use a hair dryer, set it at the lowest settings, but before that dry your hair with a towel by squeezing the water out and let the towel absorb it. The same applies to heat styling equipments by waiting for your hair to dry and set the temperature to it lowest to decrease the risk of hair breakage.